Swine Feed

SunGlo S'More Fill SunGlo S'More Fill

SunGlo S'More Fill can be used dry or wet to enhance an award winning, full appearance for swine, sheep, goats, or cattle.

11% Protein
5.5% Fat
10% Fiber
0.50% Lysine

Sunglo G-Line 18-G

Sunglo G-Line 18-G With Oats is a tried and true 18% protein meal grower option that can be positioned across a wide range of genetics to promote growth and muscle development.

18% Protein
5% Fat
4% Fiber
1.11% Lysine

Sunglo G-Line 16-G

Sunglo G-Line 16-G With Oats is a versatile 16% protein meal option designed for pigs that need to be softer in appearance and that need more rib and body.

16% Protein
5% Fat
4% Fiber
1% Lysine

Sunglo® Pig Grower™

Sunglo® Pig Grower™ is an 18% protein pelleted option that can be fed at any time during the feeding period.

18% Protein
5% Fat
4% Fiber
1.05% Lysine

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