SouthFresh Complete Horse Feed

SouthFresh Complete Horse Feed is a 15% protein extruded horse feed. The extrusion process makes the nutrients in the feed easier for a horse to digest and absorb. Horses with dental problems or digestive disorders may do better on an extruded feed as the texture of the extruded feed allows for an increase in consumption. Additionally, chewing of the feed reduces feed related disorders associated with overeating or eating too quickly. This feed contains Stabilized Full Fat Rice Bran as a major ingredient. Stabilized Rice Bran has shown to increase digestibility with less incidences of e-coli or salmonella issues, and provides for a longer shelf life than the normal raw full fat that most horse feeds utilize. This feed also contains alfalfa and soyhulls as two fiber sources that are easily digested and provides a quality fiber source for normal digestion. SouthFresh Complete also contains beet pulp for water absorption and stool consistency. Milo is used as an energy source over corn because of the cool energy provided when compared to the rapidly burning starches and sugars in corn. SouthFresh Complete also contains a mineral and vitamin premix that was designed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER). Kentucky Equine Research is a world leader in Equine Nutrition Research, and we have utilized this research and their products along with their professional staff to formulate and manufacture what would be considered a premium extruded equine feed.

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