Quantify® offers an increased fat level for horses requiring more calories in their diet. Useful for horses in maintenance that need to increase their body condition, sales prep for increased coat quality, weight gain, and energy, or for gestating or lactating broodmares, stallions, or performance horses.

Quantify contains added fat in the form of palatable soy oil and utilizes the same high quality protein, vitamin, and mineral program as our other cubed feeds by including Stamm 30, which offers proteinated zinc, copper, and manganese as well as organic selenium and an all-natural source of vitamin E among other high quality, bioavailable nutrients.



Feeding Instructions

Quantify is designed to be fed with hay and/or pasture to provide balanced nutrients for growing, mature, and performance horses. Quantify should be fed at a rate of ½ – 1 ½ pounds per hundred pounds of bodyweight per day, depending on individual body condition, stage of growth, gestation or lactation, and activity level. Quantify should always be fed with a minimum of 1% of bodyweight per day of good quality forage and a fresh, clean source of water should always be available.


  • Added fat for increasing body condition and improving coat quality
  • Sales prepping and active horses
  • Nutrient Dense Cubed Feed

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